Monitoring Your Progress

Along with your initial diagnosis, monitoring your progress is the most critical part of the Baucom Institute’s longevity and life enhancement program. It is absolutely essential that your treatment plan be monitored with follow-up tests to assure the plan is working as intended and that any adjustments or refinements to your plan can be made in a timely manner.

Typically, selective follow-up tests are ordered within ninety days of your initial treatment plan. From this point forward, based on test results, we would monitor your progress on a quarterly basis and may or may not require test each quarter.

In terms of bio-available hormone replacement therapy, the initial ninety day re-assessment of certain hormones is essential to create a second hormone panel for side by side comparison to the initial hormone panel. One of our strategic safety objectives in hormone replacement therapy is to assure that we are keeping the range of hormones in proper balance and that we do not incur an issue of excess.

At the Baucom Institute, we want our patients to be informed and feel secure in knowing that we have procedures in place to monitor progress, measure the aging process over time and assure their safety. Proper diagnostics, a precision age management treatment plan, and diligent planned laboratory monitoring of the treatment plan is a standard of care that every patient should expect.