Your Personal Treatment Plan

At The Baucom Institute we more than understand that every person is an individual. Dr. Baucom herself is an identical twin. Her twin is a physician as well. But even she would tell you that the age management treatment plan designed for her would differ from the one designed for her sister because as human beings, we are unique. The DNA that makes you-you is the same DNA that allows us insight into your specific profile and regenerative needs. From our diagnostic findings we will know your unique hormonal balance, nutrient deficiencies, antioxidant level and other age management factors that are unique to you. In addition we will have learned areas of concern that we want to manage carefully and monitor closely. Your personal treatment plan although very precise to you will include these categories:

  • Prescription Medications

    These may include bio-available hormone replacement in accordance with specific instructions.

  • Vitamin, Mineral and Anti-Oxidants

    This may include over the counter and/or prescription supplementation with specific instructions.

  • Life Style Changes

    This may include making changes in your life or daily routine that have been prohibiting you from devoting the time and energy necessary to achieve happiness and vitality.

  • Diet

    This may range from a slight to a significant change in what and when you eat.

  • Exercise

    This may range from a slight to a significant change in the type, intensity and amount of exercise you do.

Whatever your personal treatment plan is, you can be assured it will be unique to you.