The Six Step Process

At the Baucom Institute, all patients follow a six step process. The purpose of this six step process is to assure the program is right for you, determine medical eligibility, and assure your success.

STEP 1: Thirty-Minute Initial Introduction

The first step is to attend a power point presentation by Dr. Baucom as an introduction to clarify program goals and objectives, understand how the program works, become informed of program policies and fees, review desired outcomes and understand what would be expected of you.


STEP 2: One-Hour Physician Consultation

The second step is a physician consultation to: review medical history, issues of concern and determine medical eligibility for the program. This step requires advance completion of a comprehensive medical history and health symptoms questionnaire.


STEP 3: Comprehensive Testing

The third step involves completion of all medical diagnostic tests and physician assessment of findings. This will require blood draws and laboratory work and may require medical imaging, ultrasound and saliva testing.


STEP 4: Development of Personalized Program

The fourth step involves a medical physical, physician consultation, review of medical diagnostic test results, and education of your personal age management program which may include:

  • Hormonal replacement and medication protocol and instruction
  • Nutrition, supplements, and exercise protocol and instruction
  • Future diagnostic test monitoring and consultation protocol


STEP 5: Initial Progress Review

The fifth step occurs ninety days after initial treatment and involves: blood draws, selected laboratory tests, physician review of findings and physician consultation regarding any necessary refinement and/ or adjustment to your treatment plan.


STEP 6: Quarterly Review

The sixth step occurs quarterly and involves a physician consultation and, when necessary or desired, follow-up laboratory tests to monitor program results.