Determining Your Candidacy

At the Baucom Institute we follow a six step program. The first three steps are designed to determine your candidacy and assure your success.

Step 1: Thirty-Minute Initial Introduction

The first step is to attend a power point presentation by Dr. Baucom as an introduction of the program to: clarify its goals and objectives, how the program works, program policies and fees, desired outcomes and patient requirements. At this point, a patient may choose to proceed or decline. If the patient elects to proceed, they are provided a medical questionnaire to be completed prior to the next step.


Step 2: One-Hour Physician Consultation

The second step is a one hour physician consultation to review medical history, issues of patient concern and criteria for program eligibility. This consultation may reveal existing health issues that would negate entering into our program. If in the physician’s judgment the patient is determined to be ineligible due to existing health issues, they would be informed why and provided advice and/or referral for medical follow-up.


Step 3: Comprehensive Testing

The third step is completion of all medical diagnostic tests, physical, and physician assessment of results. If adverse diagnostic test findings were found that would render the patient ineligible for the program, the physician would review with the patient the adverse findings, their medical implications and medical recommendations to include physician referral for follow-up care or treatment.

Most patients successfully complete these first three steps. Those that as a result of this pre-screening procedure are found ineligible due to existing medical concerns, benefit from the diagnostic test findings, interpretations and medical recommendations for follow-up treatment provided by the Baucom Institute physician. A patient is eligible to re-enter the process when their current medical issues have been successfully resolved.