Nutritional Supplements

In today’s society the most common medications prescribed are for depression, hyperlipidemia (cholesterol), heart disease, and inflammation (arthritis). Most of these conditions are thought to be brought about by society’s failure to recognize deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Certain of these vitamins and minerals, to include those that help glands maintain their integrity and their ability to function, are lacking in the foods we give our children and ourselves.

Providing Essential Nutrients the Body Needs to Function Efficiently

Supplements are intended to provide essential nutrients that the body needs to function efficiently. We believe they should be pharmaceutical grade, of the highest quality and in a form that is easily available for absorption. These essential nutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that cannot necessarily be made by the human body.

Taking the Mystery Out of Supplements

The supplement industry is crowded with sales and marketing firms that promote their products as the answer to health related problems. Some of these companies are master marketers that package and promote their products to both consumers and to physicians for sale to their patients. For the average consumer, all of this product hype and marketing can be very confusing when trying to determine what they should be taking to promote health, vitality and longevity. As a nation of consumers we spend a good part of our health dollar with the supplement industry.

At the Baucom Institute we do the research and take the mystery out of supplements for you. We know that everyone’s level of essential nutrients and needs are different. We do not believe “one size fits all,” nor do we believe all supplement manufacturers are equal. Nor do we believe one manufacturer is the best source for all supplement needs. We do believe in independent laboratory certifications of quality, absorption and ingredients. We value our independence and we do not enter into any exclusive arrangement with any particular supplement manufacturer.

A Personalized Supplement Regimen

At the Baucom Institute your initial diagnostic test includes extensive laboratory analysis to measure your personal levels of essential nutrients. You may have little or no deficiencies or you may have several. Based upon this precise personal assessment we customize a supplement program targeted to your unique needs. In addition we will, based on our research, recommend a source or manufacturer of the particular supplements you need. Some of these supplements may be available through the Baucom Institute; others may not. What is important is that you will have the benefit of knowing what supplements your body needs and that you are meeting those needs with the best quality source available.