Exercise and Longevity

There are three basic categories of exercise: flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic. At the Baucom Institute we add “relaxation.”

The Many Benefits of Exercise

The impact of exercise on life enhancement and longevity has been documented for years. Weight gain can be caused by many factors to include: over eating, low thyroid functions, hormonal imbalances and a sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle of inactivity can shorten your life. Why? Because without exercise, you cannot remove free-radicals (toxins) that build up with everyday activities. Every time you breathe, oxygen creates oxidation (stress). This process creates energy and free-radicals. Free-radicals can, if not removed consistently from the body, cause aging and disease.

Exercise strengthens the body, burns off calories and distresses the mind and body muscles. Even our bowel habits are improved with consistent movement of the body. Statistics prove the harder you work your muscles, the more you remove these toxins and vitality is renewed.

A Feeling of "Tired Exhilaration"

Studies in countries like Mongolia show that if your bodies are active and in constant motion, combined with an unprocessed diet of raw fruits and vegetables, you can live an active good quality of life beyond 100. Many people who perform strenuous exercise comment how although tired, feel exhilarated and renewed. Runners, who experience the so-called runners “high”, understand that the momentum of exercise makes the brain create hormones called endorphins. These endorphins are achieved only when a certain optimum level of breath or oxygen is reached. The zone of ecstasy is acquired as a result.

A Centerpiece of the Baucom Program

The benefits from exercise are immeasurable compared to the small amount of time spent. Exercise can be attributed to supporting the body with healthy weight management, bone density, strengthening the immune system and improving brain function. Consistent aerobic exercise is an important part of the Baucom program. It helps control blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, minimize insomnia and depression and enhance overall vitality and youthful exuberance. Exercise makes everything else in the Baucom program work.