You Are What You Eat: The Importance of Proper Diet

MyPyramid.govProper diet is one of the most important choices to make in the process of age management. The new USDA MyPyramid food guidance system is an invaluable resource for learning and understanding our dietary needs and choices. This updated system recognizes that “one size doesn’t fit all” and is a major step in diet re-education. The more you know about the scientific needs for proper nutrition and the profound affect it has on aging, the better prepared you will be to begin your personalized Baucom Institute longevity and wellness program. We encourage you to update your thinking about proper diet by referencing the web site and utilizing the many tools it has to offer.

Personally Tailored Guidance on Diet

In addition at the Baucom Institute we provide tailored guidance specific to longevity, disease prevention and wellness based upon your unique needs. This guidance may involve:

  1. Drinking more water (64 oz. or more daily)
  2. Eating a combination 80% plant based foods with 20% non processed (organic) protein
  3. Avoiding consumption of all sugar and white flour
  4. Eating at least 30-50 grams of fiber a day
  5. Following a low glycemic index diet

Our hormones need to be in an environment that subsidizes what they do. Your diet can harm or help in this endeavor. At the Baucom Institute we will provide you with the dietary knowledge needed based on your unique needs and goals. The more knowledgeable you are regarding the fundamentals of a proper diet, the easier it will be to break old habits and transition to a more healthy disease prevention diet.