Our Policies & Practices

Choosing a medical provider is a very personal decision, especially one as specialized as the Baucom Institute. We prefer our policies to be clear and transparent so that you have an understanding of how we work and can make an informed decision to utilize our services.


Patient Confidentiality

We adhere to strict compliance with the Health Information Patient Portability Act (HIPPA). In addition, we support the desire and need for complete confidentiality. We have procedures in place designed to protect the identity of every patient. We take protecting our patientís identity very seriously.


Patient Agreement

To assure a clear transparent understanding of services and fees, a formal written agreement is entered into with each patient.


Patient Fees

All fees are fully disclosed upfront and are divided into: Professional, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Nutritional categories. Payment is made at time of service typically through credit card authorization.


Patient Insurance

We maintain a direct relationship with our patients and are not influenced by insurance company policies or restrictions of care. Therefore, we do not accept payment from insurance companies. We will provide patients the necessary information to apply for reimbursement from their insurance provider if they choose.


Patient Physician Relationship

We do not serve as a primary care physician and we do not treat medical illness or disease. We are in the business of trying to prevent age related disease. We believe your primary care physician is best qualified to treat medical illness. We will upon request provide your primary care physician with your diagnostic test findings and therapeutic treatment plan. We do accept referrals from other physicians and we do refer patients to other physician specialists when appropriate.