Our Values

Our values are who we are; they are woven into the very fiber of our character and reflect our compassion and caring for every patient we have the honor to serve.

  • Excellence

    We will strive to maintain a center of excellence and continue to be a cutting edge option to patients who desire life enhancing regenerative medicine.

  • Thoroughness

    We will use comprehensive diagnostics to customize the best therapeutic program for each patient and monitor tests over time to assure safe application and measured results.

  • Competency

    We will never stop our continual quest for knowledge and we will be relentless in our search for new and better ways to improve our practice of medicine. Continuing education and professional exchange of medical research is our way of life.

  • Integrity

    Every member of the Baucom Institute is held to the highest standards of medical and professional ethics. We will never compromise our own ethical standards or those of our patients.

  • Trust

    We hold the trust placed in us sacred. We will honor and respect the dignity and confidentiality of every patient. We will guard and protect this confidentiality. We will never violate patient trust.